Hi Bonang,

First of all, thank you for being you.

bonang bday

Source (Instagram: bonang_m) | Bonang at her 30th Birthday Bash.

Many people have role models, or people they look up to in life but I choose to emulate you. You are someone I’ve never met. Yet, when I think of what I want to be, you always come to mind. You are an extraordinary achiever, and your life story has acted as a guide on my own personal quest for excellence.


In many ways, our stories are similar. You were born on the coldest Thursday on June 25th, I was born on a chilly Tuesday morning, June 28th. We share the same star sign and we’re both Southern Africans.  We both know the heartache of having divorced parents from a young age, heck, our mum’s have both been nurses! There’s many more similarities, such as the fact we both studied Marketing at University. Having a similar background has made you real to me, a role model I can relate to.

You are confident in yourself, which is what I aspire to be. You taught me to TRUST ONLY MYSELF. In this world, everyone puts themselves first, I should trust that only I can put myself first.

bonang camel

Source (Instagram: Bonang_m) | Bonang at a Photoshoot in Namibia.

You challenged me to take control of my life.  The world owes me NOTHING! You reminded me that success is my own responsibility,  I should take responsibility of where I am and what I want to achieve, starting with this blog. I can only rely on myself. In your words,  even my own mother does not owe me ANYTHING. Sadly, and without being aware of it, I have always expected people to help me, that stops now. Your words have resonated with me, and I am now a self-sufficient person because of it. If I don’t work hard and prove myself and SHOW them I am worthy, success is not gonna come to me.


bonang 2

Source (Twitter: Bonang_M)

Work hard. Make money. Travel the world. That’s how you live your life. By simply living your life, you have forever changed mine. Your lifestyle is characterised by a strong work ethic, gratitude, luxury, family, faith and education. You advised me that I am on this earth to inspire and empower others through example. Bonang Matheba is always on the look out for the next opportunity to do BETTER than the previous day, but ever grateful and PRESENT for every.single.moment. Because of you, I have learned to make the most out of what I have now. You always try to be your best self, so now I always try to be my best self.

Thank you for being you, so that I could be me.


Siba Munsanje.



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